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          CEO:Gao Lin

                 As a state-level Hi-Tech enterprise with a history of nearly 30 years, Chunzhu Perfume has become one of influential and large-sized perfume manufacturers by integrity and wisdom since its establishment. We respect tradition but would like to face new opportunities and challenges.We enhance our value and lead the segmented industry through technical innovation, business growth and heavy investment into environmental protection and safety. Product is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. We have more than 50 varieties of products mainly including alcohols, acids, ester, aldehydes, and lactones. As we know that innovation is the driving force for an enterprise, we have established a municipal-level technical center and Jinxin Perfume Research Institute to constantly develop new products and make top and unpopular products for customers. Advanced production technology and effective management have made Chunzhu brand gain high reputation both at home and abroad. Our mission is to do the best in the segmented market and benefit all customers for mutual development. We firmly believe that integrity and innovation are critical for continual success of an enterprise, on which we base all our operations and standards to do business.


          COPYRIGHT ( ) YANCHENG CITY CHUNZHU AROMA CO.,LTD.  TEL:86-515-88701066,88701580,88704888 FAX:86-515-88704773

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